About Us

After owning Grand Grooming in Sun City West, Arizona for five years, I was told many times how badly the “right” kind of Boarding/Day Care facility was needed. Our customers have some older pets with incontinence or other health issues that have caused unpleasant situations for relatives or friends caring for their pets. They wanted to take day trips in the summer and could not leave their pets in the car. Some have coyotes in their neighborhood and can’t use doggy doors. Others have young pets with so much energy that the owners wear out before the pet does and they need a day camp situation. The list went on.

I wanted to be near my existing clientele. I knew what I wanted but it seemed like it could never happen. Then, right at the first of the year, 2011, I was looking through a magazine for my Grand Grooming ad. Right below my ad was an ad for a Boarding/Grooming facility that announced their move! Wow, they had been located at the Crossroads Towne Center, less than one mile from us. I called the previous resident of that space to be sure I was not dreaming. She confirmed that it was true and she wanted to downsize so she moved. I was so excited I immediately called the phone number on the window for the management company. We met that same day to view the space.

This was a dream come true, I fairly flew around on my cloud “9”. Wow, everything looked, through my eyes, exactly like it looks today. I had a “vision”. We have a fenced potty  in the back. There is a cute little doggy park in the front court yard and a larger one next to it for large dogs. I put a huge window in the kennel area for sunlight. We have an attendant on duty all night, the pets are never alone and pick-up is available 24/7. We made one of the rooms a large bright playroom inside when it is hot or raining. We offer kitty boarding too.  Julee our kind and gentle dog groomer. We are HAPPY to give tours with no notice!!

I so love the change in lifestyle that caring for animals has given me. They are funny and friendly. We grow to love each and every one before they leave us and get so excited when the owners call to bring them back.